Personal Income Tax Preperation


  • I have 23 years of experience preparing personal income tax returns for Canadians;
  • Past returns will be reviewed at no additional cost;
  • Returns are prepared using the most advanced, professional software available, ensuring that all the right tax deductions and credits are claimed and data entry errors are minimised;
  • We will give your returns the time it deserves to be correctly completed.  We will not rush the completion of your return;
  • We are conscious of the impact our practice has on the environment, especially when it comes to creating paper for our files. Our policies stress a less-paper environment.  In many instances, returns are prepared with ten (10) 8½ x 11½ pieces of paper being created by the office;
  • We insist on meeting with you so that any questions you have can be answered thoroughly to your satisfaction before you sign your return. You can arrange your own meetings to fit your schedule online or by calling our office.  We will even come to your place for your convenience;
  • Keeping up with changes to the Income Tax Act is important and to that end, no less than sixteen (16) hours is spent in a structured environment learning about tax law, budget and administrative changes that directly affect you;
  • The privacy and confidentiality of your information is important to us;
  • You will get a copy of your full return in PDF format, accessed through our fully encrypted (both the transmission and storage of files are encrypted) client portal;
  • Why don't you charge $30, $50 or $80 per return becasue I see signs for those prices in around my neighbourhood?  Doing tax preperation for others is not a hobby.  It is serious business so much so that one main reasons accountants are sued are due to tax preperation issues.  


(in addition to your tax information)

New clients:

  • Completed tax questionnaire (download the fillable PDF)
  • A copy of last year's tax return as a minimum, three (3) years is preferred
  • Copies of your notice of (re-) Assessments for those years

Existing clients:

  • Completed tax questionnaires we mailed (or emailed) you, noting any updated information
  • A copy of last years notice of (re-) Assessment

What will happen at your meeting:

  • Start your file (new clients)
  • We will have you sign the following:
    • T1013 to authorise me as an account representative (new clients)
    • Engagement letter
    • Foreign Income Questionnaire
  • Prior years returns and assessments will be looked over
  • We will go over the information you brought in, making sure deductions and credits are substantiated
  • Tax information (T-slips, RRSP contributions, summaries, etc) will be scanned and entered into the tax program; all original documents will be returned to you
  • Working papers will be created (as required)
  • We will make a request from CRA to provide us confirmation of applicable tax information and to provide us with missing information (if applicable)
  • Any possible optimisations will be explored
  • Tax return will be reviewed for keying errors and other errors that may affect the filing of the return
  • Summaries will be prepared to review with you (what if scenarios may be explored)
  • Once you are satisfied with the return, you will sign off on it and it will be filed with the CRA
  • An archive copy of the return will be made available to you on our client portal


Preparing your tax return is a solemn responsibility, not a hobby, and our pricing reflects the care and due diligence required to complete your tax return. 

(If you are self-employed, your deadline is June 15, 2018)
Federal and provincial tax calculations Canada Child Tax benefit
E-file Alimony
T4 Child support
T4A Amounts for infirm dependants
WCB Calculation of CPP\EI overpayment
EI Amounts transferred from spouse
Interest income Past service contributions
Old age pension RRSP contributions and calculation of allowable RRSP
Canada pension Summary of carryforward and carrybacks
RRSP and RRIF income Tax instalment calculation
Foreign pension Two years online and encrypted storage of your tax return
 $            55 Alternative minimum Tax  $            55 Provincial foreign tax credits
 $            15 Capital dispositions, per item  $            60 Request for loss carryback
 $            370 Child care expense deduction  $            80 Statement of employment expenses, per schedule*
 $            30 Claim for meals and lodging expense  $         110 Statement of business, farming or fishing activities*
 $            65 Disability tax credit certificate  $         110 Statement of Real Estate Rentals*
 $            55 Federal foreign tax credits  $            60 T1 Adjustment request
 $         250 Foreign income verification statement (Min)  $            25 Tuition, Education, and Textbook Amounts
 $            50 Home Accessibility expenses  $              5.25 Donations, per item
 $            50 Northern residents deductions  $              5.25 Medical expenses per item
 $            75 Seven years, encrypted online storage - tax return plus all supporting documents
 $            75 per hour for bookkeeping and scanning receipts for digital archival
 $         250 per hour tax planning
 $            75 Zero income return (GST, CCTB or CCTB designate)

*Prices do not include GST.  An Office and Administration Fee of 5% is added to the total invoice prior to GST to cover office supplies, phone calls and technology access fees.  The above list is fairly inclusive and covers about 90% of the returns we prepare, it is not an exhaustive list.  The price for items not on the list will be negotiated and agreed upon prior to starting the engagement.

**These returns add one (1) hour in time to complete your tax return.  If we are required to do bookkeeping to prepare these returns, bookkeeping will be charged at $75 per hour and added to the fee.


We prepare returns in accordance with the Income Tax Act (ITA).  We do not create loopholes or prepare returns with expenses and tax credits that are not substantiated.

The CRA requires:

  • Logbooks or an acceptable alternative when claiming vehicle expenses when you use your own vehicle (please see our write up on vehicle expenses);
  • Receipts or vendor invoices (not credit card confirmations) when claiming business or employment expenses;
  • When claiming employment expenses, you must have a T2200 completed and signed by your employer;
  • Receipts from providers when claiming childcare, attendant care, moving expenses and more.

We do not audit your tax returns but in order to claim an expense, we need to see the receipts that support the claim before deduction or credit will be entered onto your tax return.  Be sure to bring in all your receipts and the summaries to your meeting because not bringing them in will delay the completion of your tax return.


We offer a new online appointment scheduling service (or if you prefer, you can call us to schedule a meeting, we still enjoy the sound of your voice).

To book online follow these steps:

  1. Select the "Set up a tax meeting now" link below if the aplet does not show below
  2. Select the month and day that interests you
  3. Select an available time that works for you
  4. Complete the form with your name, phone number, email address and any other information that is asked
  5. Confirm your meeting and you will get an email with a link so you can update your calendar and make changes if necessary
  6. You should receive an email reminder 24 hours before the meeting
  7. Show up for your meeting, we will have coffee, tea, water and light snacks waiting for you

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